Tax Services

Our typical business tax services include strategic year-round tax planning, IRS assistance, succession planning and annual business tax return preparation. For our individual clients, we also provide IRS tax help, tax planning and income tax preparation services including cryptocurrency tax returns.

Income Tax Preparation Services

At Josh Cahan, CPA, we provide both businesses and individuals with annual tax return preparation services.

Cryptocurrency Tax Preparation

You can trust us with your tax filings because we're well-versed in crytocurrency tax rules and regulations.

Tax Planning Services

Our tax advisors provide strategic and alternative minimum tax planning services designed to reduce tax liabilities.

IRS Tax Problem Resolution

Ignoring tax problems will only make them worse so contact us right away to file delinquent tax returns, end wage garnishment, release tax liens, and more.

To learn more about our tax services, call Josh Cahan, CPA at 704-909-0609 today to request your free consultation.