Outsourced Controller and CFO Services

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The outsourced controller and CFO services from Josh Cahan, CPA provide your business with the industry and financial experience needed to make sure your company is prospering. The main advantages of outsourcing your controllership to our Charlotte, NC CPA firm include an improved knowledge basis, increased efficiency, and added flexibility - to allow you as the business owner to focus on the core day-to-day operations of your company. Our services are fully scalable, which means you only get what you need - eliminating the overhead cost of a full-time employee. Our staff will provide you with access to reliable financial information about your company, meet internal and external reporting deadlines, stay abreast of compliancy changes, and provide an overall better oversight of internal controls and cash flow. 

Cash Flow Management

Cash flow is the single most important aspect of your business. Josh Cahan, CPA will help regulate your cash flow for proper budgeting and projections - both vital to proper business and financial planning.

Financial Reporting

Our firm's financial reporting services can help you improve your overall accounting processes and produce higher quality financial statements. Our goal is to enhance transparency, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Bank Reconciliations

Josh Cahan, CPA can help adjust balances per the books and bank and prepare necessary journal entries accordingly.

Tax Preparation and Planning Services

Our firm can help with both annual tax return preparation and year-round tax minimization planning.

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